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The change in how we consume content — from passively watching and reading to actively consuming and commenting — is reflected in people’s expectations of events.

They arrive already clued-up. Looking up speakers’ backgrounds on LinkedIn is standard procedure. Checking out relevant hashtags reveals who’s attending. Event websites have video and other rich media content to show exactly what’s on offer.

Delegates want more. They want to interact with other delegates, through whichever medium they choose. Speakers want real-time feedback on their pitches. Marketers want more in-depth data and insight.

Delegates at a Google stand, delivered by i3

Ultimately, everyone wants to shape their own event experience.

Here are some of the ways you can help them do exactly that.

Digital signage

Replacing printed material with interactive touchscreens around your venue adds a new dimension to event interactivity.

Last-minute changes to schedules can be displayed across multiple screens at once. Turn static brochures into live rich media documents full of videos, apps and games.

Touchscreens at an i3 stand, delivered for ST-Ericsson


Twitter’s app lets you broadcast videos from your event — as it happens. Think YouTube, but instead of recordings you’re producing a live videoconference.

Obviously there are risks (there’s no way to bleep out colourful language) but its accessibility (you just need a mobile device) means it’s a low-cost, high-impact tool.


How about elevating (literally) your promotional campaigns, with a stunning panoramic video?

Or broadcasting a live stream of your event — from above?

Drones come with professional-quality cameras and are a cost-effective way to make a big impact — just make sure you’ve got someone who knows how to pilot them.


The new technology from Apple enables you to send messages to delegates’ mobile devices as they approach your stand.

Forward-thinking retailers are already embracing the technology, sending complementary information about their products to customers as they move around their store.

Beacon image from ZDNet

Audience Response System (ARS)

You may have seen these hand-held devices on TV shows where audiences vote. An ARS lets audiences express their feelings, while the speaker is talking or asking questions.

This level of interaction keeps everyone engaged. Presentations and pitches become unpredictable. And it gives real insight into delegates’ thoughts and feelings.

And not forgetting… social media

This seems like an oldie among all the newcomers, but it’s still one of the most powerful mediums. Use it for engaging your audience, promoting your event, and gaining instant feedback.

One more thing…

Check your venue has Wi-Fi, and that it has the bandwidth capacity to handle everyone’s devices


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