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So how do you trim the fat when you're already close to the bone? That's exactly what i3 asked our exhibiting experts.



1. Avoid Weekends

Since many events start on a Monday or Tuesday, exhibitors are often forced to install their exhibits over the weekend, when labor costs are high. In these cases, negotiate with show management to install your booth on the Thursday or Friday before. You'll be surprised how often management will honour this request, and how much money you'll save when they do.


2. Skip the Rigging

Nearly all overhead banners and identification structures require some type of lighting to help them stand out on the busy trade show floor. And more often than not, exhibitors use truss and rigging to suspend the light fixtures above these graphics. But you can often create the same effect by integrating light fixtures into the top of exhibit components.


3. Bundle and Negotiate

More and more travel sites are selling hotel and airfare packages, and these bundles are well worth considering when you're trying to cut staff-travel costs. Also, when negotiating with hotels, always ask them to include extras, such as breakfast, Wi-Fi, business center services, etc. These little expenses can really add up, and rather than risk losing your business, most hotels will offer them free of charge if you ask for them.


4. Look Outside the Local

When it comes to hotel selection, you should investigate various local hotels outside of the city center or even in adjacent cities. For shows in most areas of Europe, you can cut hotel costs if your staff stays further away from the convention centre than normal and then take a train or bus to the venue. They might spend a little more time en route to the show, but given the low cost of public transportation and the potential hotel-related savings, it's definitely worth checking into.


5. Ditch the Uniforms

Booth uniforms are a thing of the past. Rather, dress the staff in business attire that's appropriate to your audience, and adorn them with a brand-colored accessory, such as a tie, scarf, or pocket square, to help attendees pick out your show-floor personnel.

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