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Innovations Coming to an Exhibition Stand Near You

Innovations Coming to an Exhibition Stand Near You

Cutting through the crowds at a large exhibition is always a challenge for exhibitors. Events are time-consuming and costly, so ensuring you capture the audience members and make a lasting impression is crucial. We've seen lots of innovation on exhibition stands recently and 2017 looks to be no exception. Below are a few trends we think will continue to grow over the coming year and are certainly things to consider if you are on the exhibition floor in the near future.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

As the technology behind virtual and augmented reality becomes more mainstream, the uses and applications at exhibitions expand. Alternate realities provide a unique experience to visitors and can be used to demonstrate products, challenge users and crucially leave a lasting impression. The fully immersive experience can be educational and can help draw people to your stand through word of mouth. However – a caveat, often an individual experience, VR and AR may take more time but could be worth it for engaging high-quality leads.

Controlled Lighting

Exhibition stands have been becoming increasingly interactive, but an area that is starting to thrive is lighting. Big event spaces often have lighting that isn't conducive to productive conversations with visitors, but LED lighting and controlled lighting will make a big appearance in 2017. Changing your ambience throughout the day, as well as varying background light to create an inviting stand may be the difference when exhibiting amongst competitors. A soft lit area may promote informal conversation with potential prospects, whilst more focused light can highlight a product or draw attention to a display.

Digital Lead Generation

 2017 should see a huge shift towards digital lead generation and a move from paper handouts and gift bags to online giveaways. Using QR codes, built-in freebies and email coupons, exhibitors can distance themselves from often discarded giveaway bags and collect interested parties’ information for targeted marketing by using online incentives. This information can link straight into businesses CRM systems for a marketing campaign post event and can relieve many of the stress or pressures of attending events and collating the information collected.

Increased Engagement

It’s no secret that engagement has been increasing at events through social media, but that trend is set to amplify in 2017. Gamification is increasing the time spent at stands by visitors, especially when competition is thrown into the mix. Visitors badges containing a digital footprint could make a splash, with exhibitors being alerted to visitor’s basic information as they approach, enabling tailored conversations.

2017 may even see development in the area of virtual exhibitions, where attendees do not have to travel around the world to traipse an exhibition hall, but instead, could see the interactive stands of exhibitors from the comfort of their own office. One thing is for certain, rigid stalls with paper handouts and no interaction are becoming a thing of the past.

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