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The right type of unusual venue makes your event memorable, helps your brand stand out, and boosts interest in future events.

And once you’ve found the right place and delivered a brilliant event, there’s often little time to relax — the pressure’s on again to build momentum and make the next one even more breath-taking.

But that’s part of the magic of holding an event in an unusual venue. It’s a chance to make your mark, deal with challenges, and make your client and delegates very happy.

A charity event at Twickenham, delivered by i3

The traditional choices for unusual venues are as popular as ever. Castles, stately homes, aircraft hangars…

…however, we’ve found a big increase in the number of “pop up” venues” available, particularly in cities and towns.

Open for a short time, while building work is completed, these are often very central — ideal for boosting numbers.

Things to consider

  • Cost. While using an empty space is great if you want to start with a “blank canvas”, how much is it to transform it into the type of space you want?
  • Safety. Warehouses and carparks are popular alternative venues, but you’ll need to check these meet all the relevant health and safety criteria. And that they have enough toilets!
  • Practicality. If you’re offering food, check the kitchen facilities. Are there facilities for staff to prepare drinks and have a break?
  • Responsiveness. An unusual venue may have unusual management, who don’t always answer their phone, especially during office hours. They may not have all the correct paperwork instantly available, so you may need to take the lead and advise.

i3 specialise in roadshows for clients such as O2

If you’re looking for something unusual but longer-lasting

Sometimes it’s a case of thinking inside the box. In 2012, an eBay pop-up shop in Covent Garden was made up of shipping containers. 

Are you planning an event in an unusual venue?

Contact us to see how we can help you deliver an unforgettable occasion.

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