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Facebook was launched 11 years ago. YouTube had its 10th birthday earlier this year. Twitter is nine years old.

You probably already incorporate some or all of these social media channels in your event marketing mix.

But what about the newcomers? Periscope, Vine, Snapchat… these are social media babies compared to the three pensioners listed above. Should you consider using any of these to boost engagement?

i3 can advise on the best ways to use social media for your event

The answer has to be yes. The advent of superfast broadband, 4G and the explosion in apps and smartphones has changed social media (yet) again. It’s no longer enough to create content and expect your delegates to consume it.

Of course, podcasts, whitepapers and pdf documents remain important elements to an event. But people now want rich media content (videos, infographics, games) they can interact with.  So consider live streaming, webinars, and digital quizzes.

These all enable you to differentiate your event. You can develop and promote your branding. And you gain real insight into delegates, as they engage and interact with your content.

Take Periscope. This app (available for Android and iOS) lets you do live broadcasts from your mobile device. Twitter bought the app in 2015, so you can easily integrate links to your Periscope broadcast within a live Twitter feed. Which means you can broadcast to the world, your followers, and your delegates.

Some of the ways you could use Periscope include:

  • Streaming talks from your speakers
  • Inviting comments from your audience
  • Reaching out across timezones: Unlike Meerkat (a Periscope alternative), streams can be archived for up to 24 hours after the event
  • Delivering product demonstrations

Worried about appearing amateurish? Don’t be. People understand that in a live environment things can get chaotic. They’ll value authenticity over a too-polished video that only shows the best of the best.

Vine is another video app that lets you take 6-second recordings of your event and easily upload them , for example to your Twitter feed. Its instant connectivity, cost-effectiveness (you just need a mobile device) and ease-of-use makes it an ideal tool for creating viral videos.

One note of caution: there’s no post-production editing capability. If there’s a small mistake, you’ll have to decide whether to publish or re-shoot.

If you want to be even more instant with your event marketing, try Snapchat. Users can upload photos or videos, add a caption, and send them on. These “snaps” last for 10 seconds, before disappearing. Ideal for giving delegates:

  • quick reminders of your programme
  • limited offers or coupons
  • a quick preview of a product

Mobile usage has skyrocketed (up nearly 70% in 2014 compared to 2013) thanks to advanced technology and better connections. The question for event managers is how can you take advantage?

Why not get in touch and find out? We can advise on the best options for experiential and immersive events that make the most of new technologies.

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