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The Importance of Good Exhibition Design

An early i3 Global Design award-winning exhibition stand that still retains a ‘wow’ factor today.

Consumer awareness of ‘good design’ is at an all-time high. We operate in a world that is fundamentally
visual, with images making up almost everything we view. Since customers or followers are bombarded
with thousands of these images every time they seek a product, design needs to be considered carefully.

Exhibitions are extremely competitive. Well-designed stands help to portray a professional organisation,
increase visitor interaction/memorability, as well as post-event marketing success.

- Having a stand that evokes positive emotions in people can bring more delegates to your stand and
ready them for open conversation. Consider the emotive power of colours & harmonious graphics.
- Space: People are more drawn to open space naturally, it creates a calming atmosphere. However,
great functionality is important too.

A Design that connects with your company

Reinforce your brand values. Your design/graphics/collateral needs to reflect key points from your

- What do you do/offer?
- What are your USP’s?
- Who is your target market?

Displaying these clearly and with impact, perhaps with short and easily interpreted taglines, will help your
company stand out from the crowd and instantly let delegates decide whether you are relevant to them.

The clever incorporation of cutting edge technology can be very beneficial too.
Having a good design with impactful visuals and meaningful messages helps your ROI, and sets you apart
from competitors.

At i3 Global Design, we champion powerful and distinctive design that is specific to each of our clients. Alongside, we can also provide a full show press office service from pre-publicity and marketing through exhibitor support activities and post-event opportunities. Please do get in touch:  jan.grzyb@i3-uk.com.

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